RDB008: Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire) With Jen Glantz

Jen Glantz is the first professional “Bridesmaid for Hire” and after connecting via email I just had to know more. I admit I was skeptical of the idea going in and had a bunch of questions for Jen (who I found out quickly is absolutely awesome). The conversation was very enlightening for me!

Being a bridesmaid is a huge job – so big, in fact, that you can now hire a pro. Enjoy this podcast episode of my talk with Jen, where she tells us all about:

  • Why every bride could use her services (whether its being an actual bridesmaid or using her for consulting)
  • What got her into the biz
  • Why she’s been peed on by many strangers
  • Why it pays to have someone like her acting as a neutral party when it comes to families and big decisions
  • How usually the bride is the only one who knows who Jen really is; sometimes even the grooms are led to believe she is an actual friend or family member of the bride and NOT a professional
  • Why “people management” is essential
  • What really goes down in the bathroom at weddings
  • What she learned being a part of so many weddings
  • What it’s like having your own love life when you’re surrounding by everyone else’s love life all the time
  • Why she thinks we do weddings wrong (and what we can do better)
  • Doing things simply while still getting the most out of your wedding day
  • Her goal of spending no more than $1,000 on her own wedding
  • How to drill-down and figure out what matters to you, and how much you can spend on it
  • How she can help you start your own business and share with you her own mistakes
  • Why none of us really know what we are doing, and how to use failure to your advantage

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