RDB009: A Quirky Wedding with Quirky Chrissy

There is nothing I love more than talking with a bride who has recently gotten married. Fresh off the aisle, she is excited, elated, and more importantly, experienced – and ready to share that experience with future brides-to-be. Whether you are getting married or just are simply a sucker for love stories and happy endings, you won’t want to miss her story.

Guys, girls, anyone who is planning a wedding, listen up: there are SO MANY IDEAS to borrow from Chrissy! SERIOUSLY. 

Listen in as I talk with Chrissy Woj of the blog Quirky Chrissy. We’ll talk about:

  • Why she didn’t want a traditional engagement ring, and what they ultimately decided to do about it
  • How to get around what others want you to do vs. what YOU as a couple want to do
  • The BEST (best!) cake idea that you should steal rightnow
  • One of the COOLEST engagement proposals
  • Why it pays to think outside-the-box in terms of vendors, and how you can do the same
  • How she managed to pay ahead THE ENTIRE WEDDING. Imagine being debt-free as you enter your marriage?!
  • Chrissy’s BEST TIPS for anyone about to get married
  • What to do when your partner isn’t showing interest in wedding planning
  • Why it’s so important to kick off your wedding day on a positive, relaxed note with the people you love (it IS possible!)
  • My personal experience and warning about hair and makeup
  • Find out what is a “something blue crew” and how you can make this work for you

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