RDB007: Makeup Talk with Glory Eke and How to Look Your Best

In this episode I talk to Glory Eke, a Texas-based makeup artist who gives me the lowdown on how to look your best.

Here are our talking points:

  • How her love for makeup was sparked in a dorm room
  • Why doing makeup for brides is her favorite
  • Her favorite tool to apply makeup (it’s inexpensive – only $7 at Ulta! – and a trick even beginners like me can do)
  • To airbrush or not to airbrush? And what to do if you’re a “crier”
  • What she’ll feature on her blog (coming soon)
  • Her 4-Step Process on how to pick a GREAT makeup artist (what questions to ask, and what to watch out for) *Industry note: “MUA” = “makeup artist”
  • Time frame: ideally how much time you want to have in between getting hair and makeup done and the start of your ceremony
  • How to trust your gut when hiring vendors
  • What to ask and look out for during a makeup trial 
  • What a professional makeup artist should never ask you to bring
  • Questions they should ask you to determine your best look (or what you should tell them, if they don’t ask)
  • What is “the Selfie Fix” (one of Glory’s web services, and how you can try it at home)
  • What kind of products you can find at Ulta, and what kind you can find at Sephora
  • How Glory can help you jump-start your freelancing career in beauty with her new course for freelancers
  • A few of her best makeup tips we can use on the everyday 

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