RDB004: How to Have a Meaningful and Memorable Ceremony

In this episode I talk to Lauren Snead from Rhythm and Light Ceremonies – she is a giant force of positive energy! And I’m proud to say that we had a GREAT conversation about the most important part of your wedding day: your ceremony.

Listen to us discuss:

  • How to make your ceremony beautiful and unique (every couple has a story!)
  • Tips for ALL types of couples on how to make the ceremony special (LOVE WINS!)
  • How to incorporate many different elements into your ceremony to celebrate your love and bring family together
  • 3 major tips for couples planning their ceremony
  • How the process you go through when planning your ceremony can set the tone for the big day
  • How your ceremony can be intimate and inclusive – no matter how large or small your wedding will be, and no matter if you are a naturally introverted person
  • Tips on how you can keep the focus on the POSITIVE and the LOVE, even if others bring their drama
  • How to balance the love and the logistics involved with wedding planning
  • Examples of rituals you can incorporate into your ceremony
  • How Lauren can help you, even if you don’t live near her!




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