RDB002: Exclusive Tips From a Wedding Planner

Listen in as I chat with Esme Krahn of BodaMaestra wedding planning. Among other things, we talked about:

  • Her favorite tips she tells her brides (#1 was amazing and I wish I knew this when I was getting married!!)
  • What she learned from her conference with David Tutera and Preston Bailey
  • The first steps you should take right after getting engaged and BEFORE signing any contracts
  • The things you need to do to help you deal with family who may have other ideas about how you should plan your wedding
  • Tips on how to select your bridal party
  • Where you can download Esme’s FREE e-book: 7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding
  • All of the reasons why you need a wedding planner (SO many more than you might think!!!)
  • How to get your guy involved (and the non-traditional thing MY husband did to add his own personal touch on our big day)
  • Reminders for parents who are divorced on how to keep the focus on their son or daughter’s wedding
  • Preparing yourself and your wedding planner for family dynamics
  • The IMPORTANT differences between an “on-site coordinator” and a Wedding Coordinator
  • An excellent, location-specific budgeting tool for couples

Links mentioned:

  1. Find Esme Krahn: www.Bodamaestra.com
  2. Bodamaestra on Instagram: www.instagram.com/bodamaestra
  3. Download her free e-book, 7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding: http://wp.me/P6M3xi-iJ
  4. Where you can purchase The Real-Deal Bridal Bible: The Real-Deal Bridal Bible on Amazon

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